Happy Lettering 

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Happy Lettering Challenge is a Hand Lettering Challenge started in July 2016. The Happy Lettering Challenge has quickly grown and become a place for celebrating and enjoying the beauty of lettering in a positive environment. Any type of lettering by hand is welcome, including but not limited to: Brush Lettering, Water Brush Lettering, Copperplate, Pointed Pen Calligraphy, Flat Pen Calligraphy and Digital Lettering.

November 2018 Prompts

This month's Prompts. Feel free to share it to let your friends know that you will be participating in the challenge!

Practice Sheets
  1. Thankful
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Appreciate
  4. Together
  5. Abundant
  6. Gather
  7. Heart
  8. Feast
  9. Baste
  10. Gratitude
  1. Family
  2. Cider
  3. Tradition
  4. Celebrate
  5. Bake
  6. Treaty
  7. Home
  8. Blessings
  9. Wishbone
  10. Nap
  1. Carve
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Hope
  4. Parade
  5. Delicious
  6. Roast
  7. Seasons
  8. Travel
  9. Serve
  10. Dish

How to be Featured

 Post your own hand lettering work to your Instagram profile and make sure you add #HappyLetteringChallenge to the description of your image. You can also tag us with @HappyLetteringChallenge.

Your profile must be set to Public, so we are able to see your posts.

The work must be your own, and you may use picture or videos.

You are free to hand letter in any way or style you like.

You can write the Prompt for the day, or be inspired by it to make your own phrase. As an example, for “Beautiful” you can write the word “Beautiful” or you could write your own phrase like “You are Beautiful.”

The Team


@Winterbird started her love for pretty letters a very long time ago. By 2016 she finally found herself taking the leap into Instagram and made it her goal to practice the art of lettering every day. Ida immediately fell in love with the Lettering Community and all the positive energy from all over the world. In July 2016 she started the Happy Lettering Challenge to encourage others to practice and enjoy lettering. She strongly believes that the best way of learning is by practicing, and there is no better way than practicing together. Ida is absolutely thrilled to be working with Tyra and Chrystal in their efforts to help encourage and feature beautiful lettering. Read more about Ida here.


@tjt.design started her brush calligraphy journey on March 5, 2016. On that day, she picked up a pen to try it out. She fell head over heels, totally in love with everything lettering. Her favorite thing about being a part of the amazing Calligraphy Community is encouraging, helping & teaching others how to find the excitement & happiness in lettering, just like she did. It brings her heart so much joy to be able to do that daily. In July 2016, Tyra was asked if she would like to join the Management Team of the Happy Lettering Challenge! Every part of her was so excited to be able to be a part of all this awesomeness!  


@chrystalizabeth started lettering in January 2015 after already having a love for the art of writing from a young age. Not only is she proud to be part of the Calligraphy Community, but she is proud to be able to inspire others and help them on their lettering journey. Lettering is something she is passionate about and is looking forward to doing it for a long time. Chrystal was asked to join The Happy Lettering Challenge Team in December 2016 and absolutely loves being a part of it.